XXL Bariatric Shower Chair

ALC1577 (610mm) & ALC1578 (710mm)


Bariatric equipment needs to be designed to carry heavier users, but should also support them. This Bariatric Shower Chair can support a user of up to 325KG. This means it can carry the weight as well as provide a comfortable and secure base, to assist in achieving everyday tasks. Comfort and ease of use were the primary considerations for both user and carers alike at time of design.


  • Reinforced frame
  • Butterfly armrests provide excellent functionality when transferring to & from the seat and are a comfortable support
  • Adjustable seat height to ensure success getting in and out
  • Adjustable seat depth ensures user is comfortable and supported
  • Removable seat pad (without tools) makes cleaning simple
  • High-tech tubing provides highest strength at lowest weight


Seat Width 610mm (also available with 710mm seat width)
Seat Depth 400-520mm
Seat Height 440-590mm
Width Between Arms 610mm
Overall Width 730mm
Overall Depth 800-1010mm
325kg SWL



Shower Chair – Extra Wide (Padded)



  • Wider seat widths and reinforced frame to suit the bariatric client
  • Padded seat and curved backrest provide comfort and postural support
  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • Powder coated steel frame
  • Zinc treated to prevent rusting
  • Made in Australia
  • Suitable for Bariatric Users


Code Seat W x D X H Armrest Height Back Height Overall Width Max User Weight
ALCB1002WB 550x430x520mm 175mm 400mm 680mm 300kg
ALCB1002WC 600x430x520mm 175mm 400mm 730mm 300kg
ALCB1002WD 650x430x520mm 175mm 400mm 780mm 300kg






Shower Chair – Wide



  • Height adjustable
  • Ergonomic angled arms assist transfers
  • Drainage slots drain water away from seating area
  • Non-slip rubber tips
  • Electrophoretic surface treatment to prevent rusting
  • Powder coated steel frame
  • Wider options available

Suitable for Bariatric Users

Width Between Arms: 500mm
Seat Height: 420-570mm
Max Base Width: 610mm
Max Base Depth: 570mm
Max User Weight: 135kg

Shower Stool – Extra Wide



  • Wider seat widths and reinforced frame to suit the bariatric client
  • Padded seat for added comfort
  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • Intergrated arm assist transfers
  • Electrophoretic surface treatment to prevent rusting

Suitable for Bariatric Users

Code Width between Arms Seat Depth Seat Height Max Base Width Max Base Depth Max User Weight
ALCB4001WA 500mm 430mm 520-670mm 620mm 610mm 135kg
ALCB4001WB 550mm 460mm 590mm 680mm 610mm 175kg
ALCB4001WC 600mm 470mm 590mm 730mm 610mm 195kg
ALCB4001WD 650mm 480mm 590mm 780mm 610mm 210kg

Overtoilet Aid – Extra Wide



  • Provides a raised seat to assist in toileting and transfers
  • Wider seat widths and reinforced frame to suit the bariatric client
  • Ideal for people with hip or knee injuries or those who require greater seat height
  • Ergonomic angled arms assist transfers
  • Model B4014WA is height adjustable
  • Supplied with lift-back toilet seat and removable splashguard
  • Non-slip rubber tips
  • Powder coated steel
Code Width Between Arms Seat Height Armrest Height Max Base Width Max Base Depth Max User Weight
ALCB4014WA 500mm 475-625mm 230mm 620mm 610mm 135kg
ALCB4014WB 550mm 550mm 230mm 680mm 610mm 175kg
ALCB4014WC 600mm 550mm 230mm 730mm 610mm 195kg
ALCB4014WD 650mm 550mm 230mm 780mm 610mm 210kg



B1252 Plastic Bathboard



• Wider contour at one end to assist transfers
• Soap dish and removable grab rail
• Integrated slots drain water away from seating area
• Adjustable feet to fit most baths
• Suitable for Bariatric Users

Width: 680mm
Depth: 350mm
Max User Weight: 150kg



B1261 Kingfisher Bathboard



• Integrated soap dish and removable grab rail
• Slotted channels drain water away from seating area
• Large new style adjustable feet (not shown) swivel 360° and suit most baths
• Suction cup feet lock easily into position for a secure fit
• Made in England
• Suitable for Bariatric Users

Width: 690mm
Depth: 330mm
Max User Weight: 200kg