GATE Bure XL StandTall Walker

Gate Bure XL

Apart from being an excellent aid for getting patients up and about, the StandTall Walker is also a valuable rehabilitation tool.

Rehabilitation using the StandTall Walker keeps the patient’s muscles and alimentary canal active and contributes to improving the general condition of the otherwise bedridden patient.

Bure XL is designed for the bigger, heavier patient and therefore provides extra space and strength. Because extra powerful aids are required in the care and nursing of heavier patients, Bure XL is always supplied with electric drives.



  • Safe, confident standing and mobility mean a better working environment for healthcare professionals.
  • The ergonomically designed handles are steplessly adjustable in every direction for optimum individual adaptation.
  • Designed to provide support for heavier patients who weigh up to 240 kg.
  • Widened to provide good stability and maintain plenty of space.
  • Extra legroom makes it especially easy for patients who need extra walking space.
  • Can be used with a footplate that makes patient transits easy



  • Width: 880mm
  • Length: 780mm
  • Height: 910 – 1310mm
  • Armrest internal width: 440 – 620mm
  • Castors: 125mm
  • Max user weight: 240kg


Galaxy Walker



  • Extra wide seat width and reinforced frame to suit the bariatric user
  • Folds for easy storage and transportation
  • Height adjustable handles
  • Handbrakes can be locked for added stability
  • Supplied with removable backrest, basket and padded seat
  • Available in Metallic burgundy or teal aluminium frame

Seat Width: 510mm
Seat Depth: 350mm
Seat Height: 540mm
Overall Width: 710mm
Handle Height: 770-920mm
Weight: 11.1kg
Max User Weight: 200kg