Manual Digital Blood Pressure Monitor



The UA-704 has an innovative “Palm Top” style that makes monitoring your blood pressure easy. The ergonomically designed monitor fits in your palm so you can start your BP measurement easily. Its great portability enables you to carry this unit anywhere to monitor at anytime.
  • Irregular heartbeat (IHB) indicator
  • Uses Single AA Battery
  • SlimFit Comfortable Cuff
  • Innovative “Palm Top” Style


Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor



With the utmost confidence and pride we introduce our newest medical product, the UA-767 Plus, a new generation automaticUpper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor. The UA-767 Plus is designed to enhance our current model of UA-767; clinically proven and one of the world’s most reliable Blood Pressure monitors.


  • Blood pressure classification indicator
  • Last reading recall
  • Irregular heartbeat (IHB) indicator




Dual User Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor




The UA-774 equips dual 30-memory storage with averaging capability, to be used at home by 2 persons. Our technology confirms ease-of-use with this monitor like with all A&D monitors. Colored illuminated buttons help you to confirm activation of monitor visually. An irregular heartbeat (IHB) indicator and BP classification indicator provide for closer monitoring together with a full 30-readings memory.


  • Irregular heartbeat (IHB) indicator
  • Blood pressure classification indicator
  • Dual 30-memory function




Woman’s Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor




The UA-782 is designed for women and it includes all the latest features inside elegant external casing and cosmetics. We are sure that the friendly external design will make regular BP measurements at home more enjoyable for women.

As you may be aware, there are times when women are at increased risk for high blood pressure, including in the following situations.

  • Pregnancy
  • Post menopause
  • Occupational stress

Therefore, having a blood pressure monitor handy for regular measurements can be a key factor in maintaining a woman’s health.


  • Blood pressure classification indicator (WHO)
  • 90-reading memory & irregular heartbeat (IHB) indicator
  • e-Cuff with unique heart shaped cuff holder




Premium Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor




  • Irregular heartbeat (IHN) indicator
  • Blood pressure classification indicator
  • Large 90 memory + average reading
  • Smooth and fast measurement
  • Large 3-line display
  • Clinical validation
  • Stylish upright design with cuff storage rack




Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor



The UA-1010 offers easy, one-button operation with new functions that will guide the user to accurate measurements. UA-1010 uses the new latex-free and metal-free SlimFit cuff which is more friendly to sensitive skin.
  • Irregular heartbeat (IHB) indicator
  • Latex-free and metal-free SlimFit Cuff
  • Blood pressure classification indicator
  • Large 90 memory + average reading
  • Cuff fit and movement error indicator




Talking Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor




The UA-1030T has come with the latest talking technology with all features of UA-1020. It announces the results in 5 languages (English, French, Spanich, Italian, and Chinese). You can increase the volume through six levels or switch on to silent mode if required.

  • Irregular heartbeat (IHB) indicator
  • Blood pressure classification indicator
  • Large 90 memory + average reading
  • Tri-check and inflation pressure setting