Underarm Crutches

Underarm Crutches

ALC1001 Series: Timber Axilla Crutches

Adjustable height timber underarm crutches complete with arm pads and hand grips, packed ready for use.
Available in sizes:

  • Small
  • Youth
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra Large


Aluminium Underarm Crutches

ALC1002 Series: Aluminium Axilla Crutches

Push button adjustable height, aluminium underarm crutches complete with arm pads and hand grip, packed ready for use.
Available in sizes:

  • Youth
  • Medium
  • Large


Underarm Crutch Accessories

Underarm Accessories

ALC1000PT: Replacement Underarm Pads (Pair)
ALC1000PH: Replacement Padded Hand Grips (Pair)

CODE Size Crutch Height cm Approx. Patient Height cm Tip Box Quantity Pair Max User Weight kg
ALC1001S Small 74-94 106-131 Z22 6 100
ALC1001Y Youth 94-109 131-148 Z22 6 100
ALC1001M Medium 110-130 151-176 Z22 6 100
ALC1001L Large 125-155 169-205 Z22 6 100
ALC1001XL Extra Large 143-173 192-229 Z22 6 100
ALC1002Y Youth 94-114 140-160 Z22 6 100
ALC1002M Medium 113-133 158-178 Z22 6 100
ALC1002L Large 123-143 168-188 Z22 6 100



Forearm Crutches

Forearm Crutches

Coopers Elbow (Forearm) Crutch

Elbow CrutchesCoopers Elbow Crutch Accessories:

  • ALCHC: Half Cuffs available in lieu of closed cuffs (pair). Fits all double adjustable adult sizes.
  • ALC1000HC: Replacement half cuffs, including stems (pair).
  • ALC1000PC: Replacement plastic cuffs, including stems (pair).


Elbow Crutch Specifications

CODE Size Description Handgrip Height cm Cuff to Handgrip cm Approx. Patient Height cm Tip Max User Weight kg Box Quantity Pair
ALC1003P Paediatric Double Adjustable 46-69 18-23 103-131 Z19 127 20
ALC1003M Medium Double Adjustable 55-80 20-27.5 147-172 Z22 127 20
ALC1003L Large Double Adjustable 68-93 20-27.5 158-183 Z22 127 20
ALC1003XL Extra Large Double Adjustable 85-111 21-28.5 176-201 Z22 127 20
ALC1004M Medium Double Adjustable
“Cumfy” Handle
61-86 20-27.5 153-178 Z22 127 15
ALC1004L Large Double Adjustable
“Cumfy” Handle
70-96 21-28.5 160-186 Z22 127 15
ALC1005 Cut to Size Permanent User “Cumfy” Handle Max 100 24 Up to 190 Z22 190
ALC1006 Cut to Size Permanent User Max 100 24 Up to 190 Z222 100
ALC1007Y Youth Double Adjustable 46-69 23-28 103-131 Z22 100 10
ALC1007M Medium Double Adjustable 51-74 25-32 147-172 Z22 100 10
ALC1007L Large Double Adjustable 63-85 26-33 158-183 Z22 100 10


Improved Cooper’s Elbow Crutch (ALC1003 Series)

Elbow Crutch Proof

The handle has been designed to spread the pressure more evenly on the hand, particularly away from the heel of the palm and the area between the thumb and the forefinger.

The handle is slightly wedge shaped to accept a wide range of hands, and the front is humped to reduce any tendency to slide off. The triangular main body of the handle reflects the natural formation of the hand when clenching an object, as does the 8 degree angle the handle is set on.

A. Photograph was taken two minutes after 5 minutes of weight bearing walking, with traditional and new style elbow crutches in seperate hands. The hand which used the traditional crutch shows a substantial hyperaemic reaction – where the blood has concentrated in the areas most traumatised by the exercise.

‘The test showed the new design to be a significant improvement over the standard handle.’

Cumfy Elbow Crutches. (ALC1004, ALC1005 Series)

A result of two years in development work using special design techniques, this patent handle has superior pressure distribution characteristics than those of any conventional crutch.

B. Thermograms showing temperature gradients taken before and after trials, where the subject was supported by a conventional crutch in right hand and Cumfy Crutch in the left hand.

C. After the trial the hand resting on the conventional crutch shows a substantial hyperaemic reaction – where blood has concentrated in the areas most traumatised by the exercise. Patent numbers 2184012 & 2155785.

ALC1008 Gutter Crutches

Gutter CrutchesLightweight aluminium tubular crutch with P.V.C Leathercloth covered padded trough and rotating handgrip. Height adjustable.