Mangar Bathing Cushion

The true recliner


The Bathing Cushion is the latest addition to our range of bath lifts. This inflatable bathlift is a follow on from the highly successful Handy Bather, which has been enabling those with reduced mobility to enjoy bathing for many years.

The Bathing Cushion makes taking a bath easy by gently lowering you to the bottom of the bath.

Once there you can choose whether to either leave a small amount of air in the cushion to act as a back support, or release all the air to lay right back at the bottom of the bath and bathe as normal.

When you have finished your bath, the Bathing Cushion can be re-inflated at the touch of a button to lift you steadily back up level with the top of the bath.

The new Bathing Cushion is designed to offer increased stability and comfort. Weighing only 2kg and featuring a new carry handle, the Bathing Cushion is completely portable. It can be set up or removed in seconds and requires no fixtures to an existing bathroom, making it ideal for taking away on visits or on holiday.

  • Our most stable inflatable bathlift ever
  • Now even easier to transport
  • Will not lower you into the bath unless there is sufficient battery power to raise you back out again
  • Compact and easy to store away
  • Lightweight
  • Supportive back rest
  • Wide seat for comfort and stability
  • Fewer seams to protect fragile skin
  • Maximum user weight: 150kg





Mangar Elk – Emergency Lifting Cushion

An emergency lifting cushion to lift a fallen person


  • Battery operated
  • Includes AC Charger
  • Stability bars
  • Handheld control panel
  • Simple to use (DVD Available)
  • Great for confined spaces
  • Protects carer’s backs
  • Suitable for use indoors and out
  • Folds way neatly for compact storage and portability
  • Maximum user weight: 450kg




Mangar Camel

Sits up and lifts a fallen person from the floor

The Camel (Complete Air Moving Elevating Lift) is a state of the art air powered cushion designed to sit up and lift a fallen person from the floor. Operating with low air pressure, the Camel offers an extremely stable and stress-free lift that can be performed either independently or with assistance from a carer. With a maximum user weight of 320 kg (50 stone), the Camel easily lifts people of any size and age but is particularly useful for lifting very large and bariatric people,  minimising the risks associated with moving and handling.

  • Suitable for use in many different situations including at home, in school and in care homes.
  • Can be used independently or assisted
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Lifts up to 320 kg (50 stone)
  • Portable – packs away into a lightweight and compact bag
  • Battery operated for use anywhere including outdoors
  • Protects carers’ backs
  • Maximum user weight: 320kg