SystemRoMedic™ – MultiLift550:

A hard working hero!


MultiLift550 is a unique, motor assisted mobile patient lift for all lifting situations and especially useful for heavier users weighing up to 250 kg/550 lbs. When used with Handicare’s functional and easy-to-use SystemRoMedic™ lifting slings, MultiLift550 is the right choice for safe and easy lifting of users in connection with transfers to and from the floor, chair, bed or toilet and from one room to another. MultiLift550 is also an excellent solution for horizontal lifting and gait training.

Powered moving and turning

MultiLift550 is a truly ergonomic, mobile lifting device requiring no physical exertion from the caregiver. MultiLift550 features powered moving in all directions and at adjustable speed. The large rear drive wheels and the very small turning radius make MultiLift550 very easy to manoeuvre and turn in most spaces and on all types of surfaces including softer floors and carpets. The lift can also easily drive over door thresholds, electric cords and other small obstacles on the floor.

MultiLift550 Side

Driving forward, backwards and sideways

Using the buttons on the control panel, the rear wheels can be turned into three different angles so that MulftiLift550 moves in different directions. With the rear wheels in the normal position, the lift drives forwards or backwards. Withe the rear wheels turned to 90 degrees, MultiLift550 can drive sideways for optimal manoeuvrability and easier positioning, for example by a bed, chair or toilet. And with the rear wheels positioned at an angle of 45 degrees, the lift turns around within its own length.

Intuitive driving and manoeuvring

MultiLift550 is easily operated via an intuitive and height-adjustable control system consisting of steering handles, a control panel with a display and an infrared remote control. Driving forward, backwards and sideways, is done by gently pressing the steering handles in the desired direction of movement. By pressing the steering handle forwards and to the side at the same time, the lift will move forward and turn. MultiLift550 moves the way you want it to.

  • Powered moving, turning and base widening
  • Unique lifting solution; straight lifting in two different ways provides a very large lifting range as well as safety, convenience and functionality
  • Intuitive driving and manoeuvring, on all types of floors and over small obstacles on the floor
  • Truly ergonomic; pervents work load injuries and accidents
  • A single caregiver can safely and easily manage both complex and heavy transfer procedures
  • Many safety features
  • Reliable and service friendly
  • Lifting slings and many accessories for safe, easy and individually adapted lifting of users in most transfer situations are available in the SystemRoMedic™ Lifting range

MultiLift550 is supplied complete and ready to use, equipped with a wider sling bar (60 cm / 23.6″), providing a more open lifting sling which is ideal for larger users.

MultiLift550 Screen

SystemRoMedic™ lifting slings and other accessories

To create optimal solutions for users with different needs, MultiLift550 can be used in combination with lifting slings and other clever and functional lifting accessories in the SystemRoMedic™ Lifting range. SlingBarSpreader M side bars, for example, is an accessory which can be to open up the lifting sling and provide for a more reclined position.