Global Demand for LINET Hospital Beds continues to surge

Posted February 19, 2019

Advanced Lifecare is proud to be Tasmanias leading hospital equipment provider and the exclusive distributor of LINET hospital beds in Tasmania.

The global demand for LINET hospital beds has increased once again, with the LINET Group reporting sales of 252 million euros (approx AUD $400 million) for the 2017/2018 fiscal year. 14,000 hospital beds were supplied globally in November 2018 – a milestone achievement in the company’s history.

LINET is Europe’s leading hospital bed manufacturer and maintains their edge ahead of global competitors through world-class innovation that reduces physical demands on staff, enhances the efficacy of care provided and increases patient comfort.

“It has become exciting times for the LINET Group as they continue to outperform global competitors and we look forward to celebrating success with the brand as we continue to deliver world-class healthcare in Australia.”

Advanced Lifecare are pleased to announce that the following beds are now available on the THS contract!

Tom 2 : New Generation children’s bed

Tom 2 is an electrically adjustable bed adapted in its design for pre-school children. The Tom 2 healthcare bed is equipped with a wide range of sophisticated functions and thus can also be used in intensive care. The main advantages of Tom 2 are its safety and excellent unrestricted access of staff to the small patient.


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AVE 2 : Award winning birthing bed

The AVE 2 birthing bed brings expectant mothers maximum safety and comfort. Thanks to the AVE 2, the birth takes place naturally according to their expectations. For healthcare staff the bed is a reliable and practical tool which improves the quality and facilitates the care of the woman in labour at all stages of birth. It creates a feeling of a pleasant and safe environment for the woman in labour and family members.


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MIMI: The healthcare bed designed for infants

A healthcare bed designed for infants, with a removable tub, height adjustment and Trendelenburg and anti-Trendelenburg tilt positions. Manual adjustment is easier due to a gas spring and mobility of the bed is provided by four individually braked castors.

MiMi Bed

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ELEGANZA 1: Acute Care Bed

A fully adjustable electric bed. The Eleganza 1 hospital bed is designed for standard hospital wards and long term care units. The bed has a simple construction with a wide range of above-standard features and sophisticated functions delivered at low cost, thus providing customers with great value for money.


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MULTICARE LE: Critical and intensive care bed

The Multicare LE healthcare bed provides an ideal solution for problems that occur in critical and intensive care units. Multicare LE helps to maintain vital signs of the patient and prevent pressure ulcers and lung complications. The progressive features of the bed ensure safety of the patient and safer working conditions for the staff.


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IMAGE 3: Universal hospital bed with extra low position

The Image 3 electrically adjustable hospital bed respects growing demands of patients and nursing staff. The design of the bed is timeless and suitable for a broad spectrum of health care an nursing care.

Image 3

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