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Posted July 09, 2020

Eleganza 2
Eleganza 2

An Effective Investment

The Eleganza 1 offers every hospital the ultimate outcome in every aspect. Clinically, functionally, hygienically, safety and dependability. The above standard features result in greater ROI.

Intuitive and Effective Patient Care

Intuitive patient controls and large graphic icons enable both patients and staff to operate the bed accurately every time! Better patient focus = better care and quicker recovery.

Safety, both in & out of bed.

In bed, the extra-long backrest and Ergoframe ensure the patient is free of shearing forces and diaphragmatic splinting, which reduces the risk of pressure injuries. Out of bed, the low height of 390mm and the strategically placed and designed head end soft drop rail helps complete safe patient mobilisation. Increased safety, decreased risk.

Government Compliance

Not only does the Eleganza 1 offer the best clinically functional, safe, dependable and hygiene friendly outcome, but it is also has:

  • Australian TGA Approval
  • Global IEC Compliance
  • German TUV Compliance
  • MDD 93/42/EEC; 90/384/EEC Conformity
  • EAC Eurasian Conformity
Eleganza 1
Eleganza 1

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