Why we Choose the Sentida...

An Exceptional Low Nursing Care Bed

Posted July 15, 2020

The Sentida is a low nursing care bed that encompasses every desired feature in a care bed.

With the Sentida, no compromise is made. Each feature on this all-rounder has a purpose which serves the needs of those we care about most.

  • The Look – The first thing you will notice about the Sentida is its warm and comforting look. With customisable head and footboards and various neutral timber colourways, the Sentida has a calming effect on residents with dementia.
  • Falls Prevention – Bed rails are yet another customisable feature of the Sentida, with a focus on safety. Mobility rails facilitate independence, promote mobility, and significantly reduce the risk of falls. In a scenario where residents use the-end rails only, a number of positive benefits flow;
  • Residents have a grab rail that promotes a clear, safe, and supported entrance and exit from the bed
  • Residents do not roll out of bed because their hips are stopped at the rail
  • Residents can assist in their own care and hygiene tasks, reducing manual handling load on care staff, and increasing dignity for the resident
  • Residents are more likely to improve/maintain strength in upper body
  • Residents are less likely to suffer pressure injuries, as mobility within the bed is encouraged and self-turning is facilitated

If a facility is wary about using mobility rails, the Sentida bed can now come with dummy rails. If you have a resident or family member request a dummy rail, you can simply swap one out for a working rail in 30 seconds via thumbscrews!

  • Dual Retraction- Dual retraction in the bed frame means that residents experience significantly less shearing and diaphragmatic pressure, finding themselves nestling nicely into a perfect ‘well’ of comfort.
  • Long Backrest – A long backrest is important to reduce the likelihood of sliding down the bed. This backrest length, combined with dual retraction and the position of the half-length rails, significantly reduces the risk of sliding down the bed.
  • Accessory Options- In addition to self-help poles, IV poles, urinal bottle holders, bumpers and buffers, Sentida has a large range of innovative accessories:
    • Built-in falls mat, powered by bed motor, with option to connect to nurse call or wireless plug-in chime unit
    • Attachable LED reading light, powered by bed motor
    • Wireless handset, fixes to side frame of bed to residents with less dexterity
  • Quality - The Sentida bed is German-made with an exceptional warranty period. The expected life span on the Sentida is 15-20 years!

All in all, the Sentida bed is the highest quality and most versatile home care/aged care bed available on the market today.

The Sentida has the ability to suit anyone at any stage of life or ability.


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