Standing Aid - Sara Stedy

Mobility-promoting standing aid for dignity and independence

The Sara Stedy is a further development of the successful Stedy aid, a proven mobility-promoting support tool that encourages more mobile residents/patients to stand up independently.

The enhanced standing aid concept has become well established in a wide range of care environments, such as in elderly care and healthcare facilities, because it:

  • Offers a more suitable and dignified alternative to a wheelchair for the more mobile residents/patients
  • It enables good, reassuring eye contact between the resident/patient and caregiver, unlike a wheelchair
  • It provides transportation to the toilet and washbasin, and can support a wide range of other everyday activities

Product Code: ALCNTB2000  

Your benefits at a glance

With a number of new improvements, the Sara Stedy helps to minimise manual handling by caregivers in an even wider range of care environments.

An increased inner width, a new seat shape and a higher safe working load of 182 kg, means the Sara Stedy can also be used to lift bariatric residents / patients.

Enhanced features include a pivoting divided seat and pedal-operated chassis legs, for greater resident / patient comfort and support, and to improve working routines for caregivers.

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